About us


About us


Air Rescue  UK has a wealth of experience in Military & Commercial All-Weather SAR, many of our Instructors and Staff have been responsible for such projects as Oil and Gas SAR in East Africa, Kazakhstan, Romania and also played a significant part in the set up of Shell Brunei SAR as well as being instrumental in the successful stand-up and continued operation of the UK MoD Falkland Islands SAR contract providing 24/7 SAR in some of the most in-hospitable maritime environments world wide.

Our Mission is to be the number one support for Helicopter Operators in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and further afield, who need to provide Hoist Operations for Search & Rescue, HEMS, Law Enforcement & Commercial Air Transport.


We will deliver our mission for partners and customers through Support for Hoist Operation Delivery; through Training Delivery; through Standardisation; and through Consultancy Projects.


With qualified staff and instructors in Military and Civilian Aviation we are ready and able to provide the following services across our strap line of:


Search and Rescue, HEMS & Hoist - Operations & Training


  •     SAR Technical Crew
    • Sensor Operators
    • Winch/Hoist Operators
    • Winchman/Rescue Swimmer
    • SAR Paramedic/Medic
  •     SAR Technical Crew Instructors Examiners
  •     HEMS Rescue HHO Instructors
  •     Technical Crew Instructors for Special Ops, HHO & HESLO
  •     SAR Medical Equipment
  •     Clinical Governance


What we can support

With our depth of experience we can support:


  •     Full Contract Provision
  •     Transition Support
  •     Stand Up Support
  •     Exploration Support
  •     Training
  •     Consulting
  •     OEM Liaison
  •     Helicopter Acceptance
  •     SOP Development
  •     World-wide Ops


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